Personal realtor

We are happy to help you buy, sell or rent a property.


Individual assistance and the best conditions.


Full support at all stages of the real estate purchase process in Barcelona.


Our goal: to find the best offer on the market and get the biggest discount possible for you!

Fixed cost of this service 3000 €





First of all we clarify the purpose of purchasing and parameters for searching.


We explain about the areas and the process of purchasing, taxes and legal points.

Properties searching


After we have the complete request, our managers start to search for matching properties, using for that all resources: local portals of Real Estate, partners, developers, banks.


Unlike Real Estate agencies, we don’t have a list of our properties, which we are interested to sale. We will search the best matching properties, according to the request of our client.

Visits of selected options



We define the day for visits and arrange the viewing of the selected properties.


If needed, we can visit the properties ourselves and send the complete report (pictures, video, plan, our evaluation, online streaming).

Bank account opening, NIE, mortgage*


Our manager will help you to open the bank account and obtain the NIE number, needed for the purchasing.


Optionally we can help to get the mortgage.

Property documents checking



Before making the offer and property reservation, our lawyer will solicite the certificate from the register (Nota Simple) and check the provided documents.

Inspection of the property by architect


If needed, our architect will check the general state of the building and of the property, will determine the price of the refurbishment.

Price negotiation and reservation deed


After receiving all the information, we evaluate the property and suggest the price for the offer.


In the case, we are 100% on the buyer’s side and can guaranty the best price with the discount of 5-15%.


As soon as parties are agreed with the price, our lawyer prepares the reservation agreement.

Purchasing agreement preparing



After the reservation is done, we send all documents to the notary, if needed, request additional documents.


We offer the complete purchasing assistance, accompany our client in the notary and help to pay the taxes.

Supply companies and housing arrangement


As a final step of our purchasing assistance we offer to our clients after sale services:


changing contracts with the supply companies (electricity, water, gas, internet, community); refurbishment, furniture and appliances buying.


Finally offer our property management 



To sell your property, we don't just limit ourselves to standard methods of searching for potential buyers. 


We actively look for other intermediaries to achieve maximum coverage.


Our task is to help sell your property as quickly as possible at the best price and to optimize expenses.

Advice and appraisal


We advise clients on the sale process and related expenses.

We make a professional appraisal of your property, identifying both strengths and weaknesses.



We take professional photos and videos. If necessary, we make a plan.

We make a summary of your property: description, parameters and expenses, and a set of the documents required for sale.

Sales strategy


Based on the location, type and cost of your property, we determine methods of sale: we select real estate portals, agencies and other intermediaries, and use our database to advertise on social media.

Request and visit management



We communicate directly with potential buyers and intermediaries, promptly providing all the necessary information.


We organize visits, including virtual ones.

Transaction assistance



After an agreement is reached on the price and terms of the transaction, our lawyer agrees on the reservation contract, protecting your interests as much as possible.


We accompany you  to the transaction at the notary's office.



After registering the transaction with a notary, we help you calculate and pay all the relevant taxes.

Rent / Rent out

We help you rent out a property or find a property to rent and you with provide legal support to help you save time.



We provide advice on the process, areas, and housing features, and prepare a detailed request to start searching

We promptly search for offers

We organize visits, during which we identify all possible disadvantages

We help prepare a presentation letter for the landlord to guarantee a positive response

We evaluate the price of rent and get the biggest discount possible

We check the property documents and renting deed

We help you formalize contracts with supply companies

Rent out


We advise and appraise your property and, if necessary, organize repairs/cleaning/furnishing

We organize professional photo / video shooting. 


We make a summary of your property: description, parameters and expenses, and a set of the documents required for the deed

We publish your property on real estate portals and social media

We process requests, take care of visits, and provide all necessary information

We check the solvency of potential tenants (work certificates, bank statements, documents, recommendations)

We prepare the renting deed, protecting your interests as much as possible

Cost of services


Rent - 50% of 1 month of rent

Rent out - 50% of 1 month of rent


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