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Unfortunately, due to restrictions on freedom of movement (COVID-19), there is an increase in the number of burglaries and intrusions in Barcelona and the surrounding area. We can provide you with solutions.

Secure locks


In Spain very simple, easy broken lock cylinders are installed in most door locks. 

We recommend replacing the simple lock cylinder with a reinforced one, such as the TESA TK100. Such cylinders are very hard to drill and knock out.

In some cases, it is recommended to install an additional lock. It’s sensible to invest in electronic locks that can be opened by an app or keychain.

Armored lock cover


A high-quality armored cover on a door lock is also a serious obstacle for burglars.


Of course, any lock and cover can be broken. It depends on how long it takes, what tools are required and how noisy it will be.


We recommend installing an alarm system to all our clients.


Fast installation, wireless technology, easy to use.


In the Spanish market, there are several dozen companies with similar technologies and designs.


Rates from 35 Euros per month.

Presence simulation


During your absence, programmable sockets and light bulbs can provide additional protection.


Programmed light sources will create the illusion of presence in the apartment every day.


Our specialists can install, program and control such systems.




An important preventive measure against okupas (squatters) and thieves is regular emptying of the mailbox. An overflowing mailbox is a clear indication of the resident's absence.


Regular visits to properties are also necessary to monitor the presence of "markers" (foreign objects inserted by intruders into the lock cylinder - if they 

are not removed within a certain time, then they know home is empty).

Video surveillance


Experts from Barcelonica can set up home surveillance measures with motion sensor and recording capabilities.

You can access the camera from your mobile phone at any time.


If the motion sensor is triggered, you will receive a notification on your phone and the camera will automatically start recording and uploading the footage to the Cloud.


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