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legal and accounting services for both individuals and companies.
How can we assist you?
Residence management


Our staff will develop the best strategy, collect all the necessary documents and present the documentation for the following types of residence:

Without work permit

For investors


Private and business tax advise


We have a lot of experience in the fiscal framework, including double taxation.

Once your case is studied, we will offer an individual strategy. We prepare the fiscal calendar. We will fill out the necessary forms and pay taxes on time.

Complete business tax management.

Official translations


Most institutions in Spain require translations made by an official translator.

We collaborate with several translators, which often saves our clients a lot of time.

Legal advise


Any type of law.


Any dispute.


Our lawyers will always be on your side.

They advise you, prepare a plan of actions, represent your interests, even in court.

Property taxes in Spain


All property owners in Spain are obliged to pay main property tax IBI

Owners nonresidents also pay a special tax called IRNR

Our financial expert will prepare all necessary forms and organise on time payment.

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