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Ivan Pouchkarev
Sales director


I am realtor in Barcelona since 2011 and co-owner of a Real Estate agency «Barcino Homes».

In our agency we always used to help to our clients to settle in the new home and to solve difficulties after they purchase the property in Barcelona. 

Having a clear understanding of needs and requirements of our clients, we have decided to create a specialized service for all foreign owners of real estate in Spain.

So Barcelonica appeared!

Dmitry Berson
Home assistance director


Many years ago, I bought a property in Barcelona while I was still living in Moscow and used it just as a second residence for vacations.

It was very tricky to solve everyday problems remotely. Every time I arrived to my apartment I had to arrange cleaning, fix some domestic equipment, figure out what to do with all the correspondence and taxes I had to pay, etc.


After some time, I have moved to Spain and  in 2017 we created Barcelonica, the company whose services I always needed so much.


Enjoy your home, we will do the rest!

Cesar Rueda


I am a certified architect and specialise in projects related to residential real estate and interior design. 

In Barcelonica we have developed the supervising approach for refurbishment and  construction works, where only one manager is responsible for the entire project.

This approach gives the advantage to control the quality and timing of work, even if the customer is not in Barcelona permanently

Ksenia Khromeeva
Conserje service manager


I am a graduate in the field of economy and tourism.


In Barcelonica I am in charge of the Concierge Service and supervising of the quality of provided services.

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